Attendance Guidelines (PhD Programme)

Prohibition of Non-Academic Part-Time Employment

Full-time Students at the time of enrolment have to submit ‘Declaration of Compliance’, those in employment proof of resignation. Before passing the PhD candidate qualifying exam, part-time employment outside school is strictly prohibited.

Credits Requirement for Qualification

18 credits (Accreditation of PhD courses is determined by the GIUP committee.)

Applying for Supervisors

PhD students shall apply for the appointment of supervisors having successfully passed the GIUP review before the end of their first academic year. At least one of the supervisors has to be a full-time tenured professor at our college; students must submit their nomination of supervisors by the first day of their second academic year. Those who fail the review, at the discretion of the GIUP committee, may have to withdraw from the programme.

The above-said review should be held by the end of June every year. PhD students need to report on their progress and status of the courses attended, research, practice (except for part-time students who are in full-time employment), proof of proficiency in foreign languages and future plans, etc.

The substitution of supervisors, having been approved and signed by both the original and new supervisors, should be submitted to the head of GIUP by the student and may take effect given the approval from the GIUP committee.

Establishing the Evaluation Panel

After the official appointment of supervisors for PhD students, the supervisors will be responsible for organizing the evaluation panel, as well as advising, evaluating and assessing students’ study outcomes. The panel will be dismissed after the students successfully pass the PhD candidate qualifying exam.

Regular Evaluation

PhD students must submit records of evaluation by the evaluation panel to the GIUP for future reference otherwise will not be allowed to apply for the PhD candidate qualifying exam.

Applying for the PhD Candidate Qualifying Exam

To apply for the PhD candidate qualifying exam, the student must have obtained 18 credits, completed thesis proposal and have been approved by the evaluation panel before submitting the application to the GIUP committee.
The qualifying exam consists of written and oral exams. The oral exam will be held after the student passes the written exam; it must be held within a year after the written exam.

Applying for the PhD Examination

Applicants must have passed the PhD candidate qualifying exam.
The following criteria have to be met: applicants must score 10 points or above, and the points must include at least one paper published in an international journal, and another as the sole, first or corresponding author.

Social Sciences Citation Index, Science Citation Index, Engineering Index, Arts and Humanities Index Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index
Sole author First author Second author Third author and others Sole author First author Second author and others
8.5 5 3.5 2.5 3 2.5 1
Advanced Studies in overseas institutes (single period only) Presenting papers in person in a foreign language at international conferences
3 months 4 months 5 months or longer First author
4 5 6 1.5

If students intend to study abroad, a proposal of studies must be submitted in advance (including the admission or invitation from the institute), in addition to proof of proficiency in the required foreign language (unless the student had obtained a Bachelor’s degree or above in a country that teaches in the same language). Also the studies must be completed in one single period; a certificate must be obtained upon completion. If the study outcomes are deemed outstanding and approved by the GIUP committee, additional points may be awarded.

Papers published in international specialist publications and international journals that are not included in SSCI, SCI and EI, after being assessed and approved by the GIUP committee, may be awarded points equivalent to the standard for the journals of SSCI, SCI and EI.

For papers to be presented at international conferences, students have to submit relevant information (at least including the title of the conference, date and venue, selection method and process, programme in detail, the full text to be presented, etc.) to the GIUP committee 2 months before the conference takes place. Points will only be awarded after the committee reviews and approves of the papers. However the maximum number of papers to be considered for points is two.
The above-mentioned criteria for the assessment must be approved by the supervisors first before being submitted to the GIUP committee.

Organising the PhD Examination Board

The supervisors shall recommend 5-9 internal and external examiners; a third of the board must consist of external examiners. One examiner (except the supervisors) shall be appointed as the convenor and moderator for the examination board. All must be applied 1 month before the exam date.

PhD (Viva Voce) Examination

After the GIUP committee approves of the organization of examination board and before the official viva voce exam, a public presentation of the thesis should be held, and bound volumes of thesis and research outcomes should be exhibited for 2 weeks.

The viva voce exam must be public and recorded (in minutes and voice recordings). The exam may only proceed with more than two-thirds of (minimum 5) the examiners in attendance, a third of whom must be external examiners.