Attendance Guidelines (Master’s Programme)

Prohibition of Non-Academic Part-Time Employment

All postgraduate students are prohibited to take part-time employment outside school; should there be any extenuating circumstance students must apply for approval and extension of attendance.

Credits Requirement for Qualification

In order to graduate, students must complete and pass 36 credits including compulsory modules, core modules, at least 3 of the thematic modules (2 compulsory modules from one and 1 from another), as well as obtaining a recognised certificate of proficiency in a foreign language (it could be replaced by completion of the Advanced English course at the GIUP or English-taught courses by overseas lecturers in our college).
New students with no prior degrees in urban planning or relevant fields, or having never taken the course ‘Urban Planning in Practice’, at the discretion of the committee of GIUP, must complete and pass the course ‘Introduction to Urban Planning and Practical Exercise’ (0 credit) in the first semester in order to graduate.

Applying for a Supervisor

At least one of the supervisors must be a full-time or part-time lecturer of the GIUP. Students must apply before April 30; after approval by the committee of GIUP the supervisors will then be appointed.

Thesis Exams

There are three stages of the thesis exams: thesis proposal assessment, preliminary thesis assessment and degree examination; the latter two are in the form of an oral exam.

Thesis Proposal Assessment

Master’s students must submit their thesis proposals, approved and signed by supervisors, to the GIUP office by June 30.
A thesis proposal should include motivation and objective, scope and content, bibliography and references, discussion on methodologies, research procedures, essential data, analytical framework, and estimated outcomes, etc.

Preliminary Thesis Assessment

Preliminary thesis assessments are held normally before the last day of midterm exams in the following semester after students successfully pass the thesis proposal assessment. Students have to apply at the GIUP office a week before the assessment date, whilst the supervisors recommend 2 examiners for the oral exam.

Degree Examination

After successfully passing the preliminary thesis assessment and being approved by the supervisors, students may apply for the degree examination in accordance to the school regulations.
※Both of the Preliminary Thesis Exam and Degree Examination must be held publicly at the GIUP.

Proof of Language Proficiency

In order to graduate students need to obtain one of the following certificates of proficiency in a foreign language:

Test of English as a Foreign Language: iBT TOEFL grade of 61 or above, CBT TOEFL grade of 173 or above, or PBT paper-based test grade 500 or above

International English Language Testing System (IELTS): grade of 5.5 or above

Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC): grade of 600 or above

General English Proficiency Test (GEPT): First Stage of High-Intermediate Level

Bachelor’s degrees or above from universities in English-speaking countries

Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N3 or above

Any other certificates of foreign language proficiency approved by the committee of GIUP

In place of the above-listed certificates, students may take the course ‘Advanced English’ (0 credit, 2 hours per week) at the GIUP, or a relevant course in urban planning taught in English by overseas lecturers in our college; students having successfully completed and passed either of the two fulfil the criteria of language proficiency for graduation.