PhD Programme

General Admission

Entry quota: 5 (including 2 in full-time employment)

Exam subjects: Oral exam; research proposal

Application deadline: Please refer to the current, up-to-date prospectus.

Exam date: Please refer to the current, up-to-date prospectus.

Paper assessment criteria:
All transcripts of Master’s degree (or of an equivalent level of qualification)
Research proposal (typed and printed on A4 paper, no more than 1200 words)
Two references (please use the form provided)
Any other academic achievement

Applicants who achieve the minimum requirement in the paper assessment will be invited to attend an oral exam.

Exam weighting: Paper assessment 50%; oral exam 50%.

For further information regarding how to download forms for application and reference, please refer to the up-to-date announcement.

※ Please refer to the current prospectus (available for purchase) for further details regarding admission.