Ph.D. graduated program

The Institute’s doctoral program was introduced in1992, and is designed to prepare advanced students for high-level careers in the planning profession, whether for the private or public sector.

Doctoral students are encouraged to come to the Institute with a well-prepared theme for their future research, but will be fully trained on appropriate methods to investigate knowledge about that theme, develop an appropriate methodology to carry out research into that theme, evaluate the results they obtain, and to be able to appreciate the place of their investigations within current academic and professional work within related fields of knowledge and practice. The simple aim of the program as a whole is to turn out effective and proficient researchers, capable of taking high-level career positions in the planning profession.

While the only compulsory course as such that all doctoral students must take is the PhD Seminar Course during their Second and Third years of study, all students are also required to choose 24 credits of taught courses from the Institute’s teaching program ( see the Courses section of this website for more information on those available currently), to add to the 12 credits awarded for their successful doctoral dissertation. There are also certain publication and overseas study requirements laid down from time to time for doctoral students in the Institute.

At all times, a detailed work program and taught course program for each students is worked out by them with their own individual research supervisor, who is appointed from amongst the Institute’s faculty members or professional advisers.