Jung-Ying Chang Associate Professor


Ph.D., National Taipei University, TWN
Fields of Specialties: Urban and Regional Planning, Political Economy of Urban and Regional Development, Cultural Economic Geography
Tel: +886 2 8674-1111 # 67367
Email: jychang@mail.ntpu.edu.tw


Planning Law and Institutions, Planning and Development Control, Studies in Regional Economic Development of Newly Industrializing Countries


(A) Journals

  1. Chou, T. L., Ching, C. H., Fan, S. M. and Chang, J. Y. (2011) ‘Global linkages, the Chinese high-tech community and industrial cluster development: The semiconductor case in Wuxi, Jingsu.’ Urban Studies 48(14): 3043-3066.(SSCI)
  2. Chou, T. L. and Chang, J. Y. (2008) ‘Urban sprawl and the politics of land use planning in urban Taiwan.’ International Development Planning Review 30(1): 67-92.(SSCI)

(B) Conference Paper

  1. Chang, J. Y., Hsu, J. Y. and Chou, T. L. (2012) “State strategy and industrial socio-economic practices in Taipei international trade shows.”Presented in Asia-Pacific Conference on Trade Fair Ecologies, Shanghai, China, May 26, 2012.
  2. Chang, J. Y. and Chou, T. L. (2012) “Shrinking Seaport in a Global City-Region: The Metropolitan Taipei Case.” Presented in 2012 AAG, New York, USA, Feb. 27, 2012.
  3. Chou, T. L., Lin, Y. C. and Chang, J. Y. (2008) ‘City shrinkage and regeneration strategy: Keelung city, Taiwan.’ Presented in World Urban Forum “Achieving Harmony in Shrinking Cities”, Nanjing, China.
  4. Chang, J. Y. (2006) Building Mandarin music region, the state and latent organization across Taiwan Strait. Presented in Symposium on State and regional Restructuring in Taiwan:Impact of Cross-Strait Political Economy, 6 May, Institute of Policy and Development, NTTU.

(C) Books

  1. Chang, J. Y. (2011) ‘Mandarin pop music industrial region: Contradictory state and latent cross-strait organization.’ In R. Y.-W. Kwok (ed.) The Second Great Transformation: Taiwanese Industrialization in the 1980s-2000s (Chapter 8, pp. 239-270). Taipei: Chengchi University Press.(NSC 96-2917-I-305-001)