The Graduate School of Criminology was established in 2001 to meet the growing needs of Taiwan’s professionals working in courts, juvenile delinquency contexts, schools, police officers, attorneys and those who work in other judicial agencies. Security planning managers in private business and industrial plants are also ...

[2019/09/09] NTPU-2019 International Exchange Program
[2017/09/05] The edition for 2017, Volume 27 of our Journal "Crime and Criminal Justice Interenational" has just been published by the Criminal School of the National Taipei University, Taiwan
[2013/08/12] 6th Annual Conference of the Asian Criminological Society
[2010/11/17] Lecture: Community Policing in Hong Kong. Speaker: Dr. Li Chi-Mei Affiliation: City University of Hong Kong, Department of Applied Social Studies.
[2010/11/13] Lecture: Released from Juvenile Confinement: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Findings Speaker: Dr. Damian Martinez Affiliation: School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Arizona State University.
[2010/11/06] Lecture: The Italian mafia and the legislative measures to contrast it. Speaker: Dr. Ignazio Castellucci Affiliation: Masters of Law, Trento University.
[2010/11/06] Lecture: Strategy of building safe communities. Speaker: Cheng Shu-hui Affiliation: Social Welfare Bureau , Taoyuan County.
[2010/11/04] Lecture: Ecology and activity patterns of criminal gangs in urban areas. Speaker: Yang Zhe-chang Affiliation: Police Bureau, Taoyuan County
[2010/10/30] Lecture: Shallowly Discussion of Australian police and Humanities. Speaker: Hong Sheng-kun Affiliation: Secretary general ,Friends of the International Criminal Police association
[2010/10/28] Lecture: Studies of Campus Gang. Speaker: Dr. Chou Wen-yung Affiliation: Central Police University Department of Crime Prevention and Correction.
[2010/10/28] Dr. Lin Yu-Sheng participated “International Symposium about Juvenile Crime Prevention” hold by Nanjing University School Department of Law and Jiangsu Provincial Association of Procedural Law,and published “Taiwan judicial treatment and change of juve
[2010/10/28] Career lecture: The Graduate School of Criminology invited Dr. Sun Yi-xian to share the skills about Dr. of Criminology and Criminal Justice in USA.
[2010/10/28] Career lecture: The Graduate School of Criminology invited our alumnus Wu Pei-Tsz to share the exam preparation and work experience about Coast Guard Administration.
[2010/10/23] Lecture: Caretaker's Choice - the Decision-making Process of Parole Examiners Speaker: Su Heng-shun Affiliation: Central Police University Department of Police Administration
[2010/10/22] Lecture: “Risk Conception of Insurance and Crime Prevention” hold at 13:00, October 22,speaker Professor Huang Junneng, from Central Police University.
[2010/10/20] Lecture: Social disorganization and crime. Speaker: Sun Yi-xian Affiliation: Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, University of Delaware
[2010/10/15] Lecture: “risk management case: total controlled discipline of Disneyland”hold at 13:00 October 15, speaker Professor Hsu Huafu, from National Chung Cheng University, Institute of Criminology.
[2010/10/14] Associated with the course of criminal justice system, Dr. Hsu Chuen-Jin led the students to visit Hsinchu City Police Bureau, duty command center, police service system and crime prevention measures.
[2010/10/08] Lecture: ”criminal damage and compensation dispute in risk society” hold at 13:00, October 8, speaker Liu Zhigang, from Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau.
[2010/10/01] On 100 school year, the written exam executive of master of Criminology will be only one subject ”Criminology”, the time 120 minutes, of which 50% written test, document review and oral 25% each.
[2010/09/30] Career lecture: The Graduate School of Criminology invited our alumnus Li Peizhen to share the exam preparation and work experience about Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau.
[2010/08/09] Professor Susyan Jou made a speech on "Criminal Justice and Policing in Taiwan" at Australian National University. More information on
[2010/06/18] Congratulations to our Alumnus Mr. Chen Yi Ze. Mr. Chen's thesis has been accepted by "The 1st AIDS and Sociology Academic Symposium,2010"
[2010/06/07] Our Alumnus Mr.Qiu Feng Guang has succeeded Commisioner of Taichung City Police Bureau.
[2010/06/01] Lecture:Crime Mapping: the Application of i2 Analysis Software
[2010/05/26] Congratulations to Hong Qian Han, Li You Fei and Chen Yi Ze for being admitted to the Crime Prevention Graduate school Ph .D program at Central Police University.
[2010/05/25] Congratulations to our alumni Mr. Yang Zheng Hui was promoted from the National Highway Police Bureau Section Chief to National Highway Police Bureau Section Superintend.
[2010/05/25] Congratulations to our alumni Mr. Lin Yan Tian was promoted from Captain of Taoyuan County Police Bureau to Superintend of the Criminal Investigation Bureau.
[2010/05/25] Graduate students Wang Wen Yu, Li Yi De, Jiang Ming Ji has participated in the Thesis Conference held by National Taipei University and the National Central Library on May, 25th . The host of the first round is Assistant Professor, Linus Lin.
[2010/05/19] Lecture:Criminal Justice Professional Studies and Life Course Planning
[2010/05/18] Lecture:Crime Mapping GIS
[2010/05/08] Lecture:Field Research and Data analysis Techniques
[2010/05/06] Congratulations to Alumnus Hong Sheng Kun of class 2006 (Outstanding Alumnus of Taipei University, who was awarded “the Public Service Award”) for being awarded the Endeavour Executive Awards of the Australian Education Ministry, 2010.
[2010/04/23] Lecture:Religious Meditation used on Drug Rehabilitation in Taiwand
[2010/04/22] Lecture: How to Prepare for the Criminology discipline on the MOE Sponsorship for Study Abroad Exam
[2010/04/16] Congratulations to Mr. Jen An Kai, Mr.Wen Xian Ho and Mr. Hwan Jin Moa for being promoted.
[2010/04/14] Lecture:The New Trends of Crime Analysis and Applications in Taiwan
[2010/04/13] Congratulations to our second year student Zou Ying Feng, for his thesis being admitted to the 6th Graduate Student Thesis Conference at Chengchi University.
[2010/04/13] Congratulations to our alumnus Ms. Cheng Ji Lu, for her thesis being admitted to the Society and Policy Science Graduate Student Thesis Conference.
[2010/03/30] Lecture:Community Crime Prevention Planning
[2010/03/22] Congratulations to our alumni Mr. Lin Wen Rui and Ms. Wu Mei Hwa for being promoted Chief of Taichung City Police Bureau and Tong Shiau Precinct of Miaoli County Police Bureau respectively.
[2010/03/17] Lecture:The Psychology of Fraud
[2010/03/13] March, 13th, 2010(Sat) at 10am conducting The 5th Graduate Student Thesis Seminar and “The Taiwan Academy of Crime and Criminal Justice”Preparatory Conference. Welcome to attend the conference.
[2010/03/05] Professor Zhou Su Xian from our department, has finished the Campbell Research Team “Crime and Justice” Chinese website. You are welcome to visit it.
[2010/02/11] Congratulations to Graduate Student Huang Ching-Hui being awarded with “The Chinese Society of Criminology Graduate Student Thesis Proposal Scholarship”.
[2010/02/01] Congratulations! Our department has hired a new faculty, Assistant Professor Lin Yu Sheng, in the 2nd semester of academic year 2009.
[2010/01/27] Congratulations to our alumnus Mr. Zhang Ju Zi for being hired as Lecturer of Providence University.
[2010/01/09] Lecture:Recent Developments and Future Directions of Studies on Police Behavior
[2010/01/04] Congratulations to third year Graduate Student Xiao Li Wei, for being awarded with the Taiwan Association of Treatment of Domestic Violence and Sexual Offense Thesis Scholarship.
[2009/12/26] Lecture:Sexual Assault and Risk Management: Conceptions of Risk and Applications of Policy
[2009/12/23] Lecture:Work in Juvenile Probation
[2009/12/14] Lecture:Risk Society and Contemporary Enterprise Safety: The Germany Experience II
[2009/12/11] Lecture:Crime Prevention Policies of Risk Taiwan
[2009/12/07] Lecture:Risk Society and Contemporary Enterprise Safety: The Germany Experience I
[2009/12/04] Lecture:Risk Society, Law’s Uncertainty and Social Order: The Germany Experience (II)
[2009/12/03] Lecture:Cyber Crime- The transformations of Crime in the Information-Age
[2009/12/03] Lecture:Research on Comaparison of Perspectives of Male/ Female Police Officers when Handling Domestic Violence Cases
[2009/11/30] Lecture:Risk Society and Contemporary Social Welfare Security
[2009/11/27] Lecture:Risk Society, Law’s Uncertainty and Social Order: The Germany Experience (I)
[2009/11/25] Lecture:Looking into Crime Investigation in Practice from Criminal Case Examples
[2009/11/06] Lecture:The Serene Catastrophy of Criminology---The Directions of Criminal Justice in the Millenium
[2009/11/03] The Parole System and Community Corrections
[2009/10/31] Lecture:Constructing a Safe Community
[2009/10/30] Lecture:Risk, Power, and Crime Prevention: Experience in U.K.
[2009/10/22] Lecture:Risky Society and Current National Security: A discussion of Experience in United States
[2009/10/21] Lecture:Juvenile Policing System and Enforcement
[2009/10/21] Lecture:Policing public order
[2009/10/16] Congratulations to our Masters Graduate, Zhang Jing Ming for being admitted to the graduate program of Social Sciences of Yokohama National University, Japan.
[2009/10/15] Seminar: Principles and Practices of Restorative Justice
[2009/10/12] Lecture:Technology, Knowledge and Risk Society
[2009/10/07] The spirit and future prospects of the Juvenile Law in Taiwan
[2009/10/01] Criminal Procedural Law and Evidence law in China
[2009/09/23] The Juvenile delinquency prevention policy and future in Taiwan
[2009/08/31] Seminar:Substance Abuse Treatment in Taiwan: The Lack of Prevention Education
[2009/07/08] 2009 Summer Training Program for the Court Observation Volunteers
[2009/06/27] From the Financial Tsunamu to the Crisis of Politic, Economy, and Taiwanese Enterprises: Response with the Professional Leadership
[2009/06/24] The evaluation and treatment for the child sex offenders
[2009/06/24] The Benefit of Constructing the Railway System and Banning Opium: The Early 20th Century Taiwan (Application of the GIS)
[2009/06/13] The Challenges to Establish Causation in Research
[2009/06/12] The United States Criminal Justice Reseach
[2009/06/08] Studying Abord and Application
[2009/06/05] The Emergence of New Behavioral Science: Criminology and Criminal Justice Science
[2009/06/01] The Recent Development in Police Intelligence
[2009/05/26] The Evaluation and Treatment of the Substance Abuser
[2009/05/20] From the "They are Flying" Discussing the Juvenile Probation System
[2009/05/09] From the Role of Police Discussing manager's ability and attitude: From the experience of Taipei County to Teamwork at CIB
[2009/04/29] The Problrm of Adolescent Internet Using
[2009/04/23] Chasing your Dream: The Key Point to Apply the Top Universities in UK
[2009/04/21] The Negligence Offender's Accountability and Punishability in Modern Industrial Society
[2009/04/20] The Introduction of Qualitative Research Software, Nvivo
[2009/04/13] Chinese international students as victims &/or perpetrators of crime in Australia
[2009/04/07] Crime Prevention Planning in Community Level
[2009/04/06] Global Law vs. Local Law
[2009/04/01] White-collar Crime Prosecution
[2009/03/28] The Role of Capital Market Efficiency on Long-term Growth: A quantitative exploration
[2009/03/28] Policing and Crime Analysis
[2009/03/25] The Path of The Adventure Education Master: The Experience of Adventure Education
[2009/03/24] The Developments of Crime Mapping in the USA
[2009/03/16] The Taser's Velcro Effect: The effects of Taser on Officer and Suspects Injury Rates
[2009/03/10] Analysis the Human Trafficking in Taiwan from Victims' Perspective
[2009/03/09] My Adventure of Qualtative Research: The World of Crime Passionel Offender
[2009/02/25] The Application of Polygraph on Crime Investigation
[2009/02/21] Presentation of the OHADA system of harmonized business law in Africa and its aspects involving
[2008/12/25] Lecture: Risk-managemet and police
[2008/12/24] Semina: The cell dog program
[2008/12/20] Lecture: The Interaction of Culture and Institutions in the Context of Police Work
[2008/12/04] Lecture: Resilience and protective factors against antisocial development
[2008/11/01] Lecture: The maritime space and law enforcement of Taiwan
[2008/10/22] Lecture: New trends of crime investigation
[2008/10/20] Seminar: Restorative justice and the recovery process of crime victims
[2008/10/16] Lecture: Research, Teaching, and Professional Service in Criminal Justice
[2008/10/09] Seminar: Cyber crime and routine activity theory
[2008/06/07] Seminar: Re-conceptualizing crime patterns during modernization
[2008/05/31] Lecture: Data collecting and analyzing of criminology study
[2008/05/24] Lecture : Policing and security -Australian responses to political violence in a changing
[2008/05/07] Seminar: Transnational Cyber Crime
[2008/05/06] Seminar: The Campbell Collaboration: Evidence-based Criminal Justice
[2008/03/25] Lecture: California's Three Strikes & Current Reform
[2008/03/12] Lecture: From Darwin to anthropological criminology
[2008/01/10] Seminar: Doing longitudinal studies of crime
[2008/01/10] Seminar: Cross-national comparison of violence in Chicago and Stockholm
[2008/01/09] Seminar: Immigration, race/ethnic diversity, and crime
[2007/10/11] Seminar: Preventing Violence with Better Nutrition
[2007/05/26] Lecture: Organized Crime Study
[2007/05/19] Lecture: American Criminology
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