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The Graduate School of Criminology was established in 2001 to meet the growing needs of Taiwan’s professionals working in courts, juvenile delinquency contexts, schools, police officers, attorneys and those who work in other judicial agencies. Security planning managers in private business and industrial plants are also included. We place equal emphasis on theory and practice. The curricula are so designed that students can begin to understand both the nature of theories about criminality and the nature of the structures and functions of courts, the police system, prosecution and prison; this knowledge is key to assisting in better practice in dealing with the problem of crime.

Our program leads to a Master of Law in the area of Criminology and Criminal Justice and is intended to prepare students for a career in research and/or an academic career, and to enhance their professional development. The program combines an intensive study in the social science areas of criminology, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, policing, corrections and public administration with graduate-level study of select aspects of crime and criminal justice. Our key objective is to provide an organizational and administrative base for the interests and activities of the University, its faculty, and students, in the general field of crime, law enforcement, courts, corrections, community treatment and aftercare. The program promotes the study and teaching of crime and its prevention and control by offering and coordinating academic programs in criminology, criminal justice, sociology, law and social work and via conducting research in these areas. Our graduates obtain employment in both public and private institutions in many different activity areas associated with the criminal justice system, including research, teaching, state and local law enforcement, courts, corrections; private security, the national security agency, the internal affairs agency, social work service, legal counseling, and many private funded programs.


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