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Educational Philosophy
  National Taipei University is founded on the basis of three of the following philosophical ideas, which will be continuously observed and put into practice.

They are :

  • Liberty : Colleges and universities should be granted academic library without restraint. Universities should abide by the rule-Students First and Teachers First. Campus administration is the realiztion and performance of rendering service to people.
  • Innovation : Knowledge and innovation are the first priority in universities. A university-inclusive, indiscriminate and endurable enough-is a place where both the teaching faculty and the student body are allowed to exert their imagination and to seek truth.
  • Excellence : College education should enable students to keep pursuing excellence. The interactive relations between the University and the neighboring community should be of prime importance. Emphasis should be placed on the role of the students so that they can feel free in search of truth as well as in the formation of individual personalities with a goal of all-round education.
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