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The Future : A Deeper Sense of Ingenuity
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The Future: A Deeper Sense of Ingenuity
  We have inherited the fruitful resources and in-depth foundation for futher development from the former National Chung Hsing College of Business and Law.

We have broken free of the restrictions of the small area of the Taipei Campus. The University currently has a broad campus of 54.54 hectares with modern buildings and facilities. The future potential of the neighboring towns such as San Shia and Ying Ge has proven to be of great help in establishing a University Town.

We have successfully combined the two campuses: the Taipei Campus and the San Shia Campus, and so embrace extremely good geographical advantages, humane features and limitless visions.

We have made our beautiful campus democratic, systematic, informational and humane.

We are working hard to make our dual-nucleus university free, innovative and excellent, and become one of the top universities of the world.

A Brand-new Campus Through Collaborative Efforts

  • Under the guidance of the Campus Planning Commitee from National Taipei University and the demand of University Development, a brand new campus linked with the local community is on the way.
  • A program of planting new trees and transplanting adult trees is in the process of making the campus full of shade.
  • Humanity Hall is undergoing interior decoration and will be open in September.
  • The fundamental work as well as preparation of the campus grounds is scheduled to be completely by the end of 2001.
  • The Business Building and the first phase of the Student Dormitories are also under construction and will be open in August, 2003.
  • The Administrative Building, Underground Parking Lot and Stadium are in the design stage.
  • The Law Building, Social Science Building, Public Affairs Building, Student Union, and Library & Information Building are on the blueprints.
  • We are hard at work to ungroup hardware and software facilities on the Taipei Campus to accommodate school teaching/learning and satisfy the urgent needs of the students.
  • Our goal is to form a characteristic, complimentary and dual-nucleus university campus.
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