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President’s Message:

A Hard Journey, a Long History
National Taipei University has become a comprehensive university in the year of 2000. The University has undergone different stages of development throughout its history: from the Provincial Junior College of Administration established in 1949, which is the root of Taipei University, to Taiwan Provincial College of Business & Law; it later became Chung Hsing University.

The University now includes the Taipei Campus and San Shia Campus. The former is located in the financial and political center of Taipei City, and the latter in the San Ying area of Taipei County. The San Shia Campus has beautiful campus gates, a fence, a campus ring road, vehicle roads, a man-made lake, a leisure and sports center, a track and field, as well as thousands of flowers and trees, and lush grass landscapes, together with the existing Humanities Building, Business Building, Administrative Building, and beautiful student dormitories. Indeed, it may be said with confidence that the San Shia Campus is the most beautiful campus in the country. We are equally proud of the learning environment found at either of the campuses.

National Taipei University now has five colleges including the College of Law, the College of Business, the College of Public Affairs, the College of Social Science, and the College of Humanities. The College of Science & Technology is now being actively prepared on the basis of the IT Engineering Department and Telecommunications Engineering Institute, which were established in 2004.National Taipei University has a total of 27 departments, institutes, and the teacher training center. It also has eight on-the-job master programs to provide multiple and extensive learning fields. National Taipei University has a total student population of 10,000, including 8,000 undergraduates and 2,000 postgraduates.

Many graduates of National Taipei University go on to be highly successful professionals. The majority of National Taipei University graduates serve in government agencies, work as professionals in the legal and financial fields, and are employed by private enterprises. The achievements of our alumni are a tribute to the education provided by our University, and the success of our graduates has had a positive effect on the ever-increasing public confidence in our institution.

This is a brand-new era, an era of knowledge-based economies and information technology (IT), where law, finance, economics, and IT have become mainstream, as well as major forces in stabilizing societies and promoting social progress. National Taipei University is keen to provide the leading knowledge, and is thus the perfect learning place in the present era.

The University has also emphasized living education for students. In addition to a good education and recreational facilities, we have set up a tutor system to emphasize personality development and living education. It is our hope that through these measures, students will not only have a sound personality, but also high self-expectations, so as to be fully confident about and passionate for the University, society, and the future, and become the social elite of the future.

National Taipei University is an ascensive and energetic university, and we warmly welcome all young adults to be a part of our community, and strive together with your peers for personal growth and progress in a fruitful environment.

Chung-Weun Hou, President of National Taipei University

─ 校長的話






臺北大學歷屆畢業校友濟濟多士,表現傑出,深受各界肯定,主要服務於政府機構、司法界、財經金融界,以及民間私人企業公司,校友的成就印證本校教育的正確性,益發對臺北大學充滿信心。 這是一個嶄新的時代是知識經濟與資訊科技時代,其中法律、財經、金融及資訊科技正是這時代的主流,更是安定人類生活秩序與帶動社會前進之主力,而本校系所教學之重心正提供這些前端的科學知識,因此,臺北大學是這時代絕佳的學習殿堂。



國立臺北大學校長 侯 崇 文
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