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Curriculum Vitae
Ph. D. in Accounting (Minor:lnternational Business)
George Washington University,U.S.A.
Current Positions :
President, National Taipei University
  • President, Taiwan Accounting Association.
  • Commissioner, Securities Listing Review Committee , Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation.
  • Supervisor, Securities Investment Trust Consulting Association.
  • Commissioner, Mediation Committee,Securities and Futures Investors Protection Center.
  • Board Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Education Fund, Taiwan.
  • Reviewing Committee Member of CPA Association (R.O.C)
  • Researcher, Center for the Study of Banking and Finance, National Taiwan University
Experience :
  • Professor, Department of Accountancy,National Taipei University 2000
  • Chairman, Board of Directors, Accounting Research and Development Foundation of Republic of China 2009
  • CPAs Disciplinary committee member,SFC(Taiwan) 2006
  • Commissioner, Services Entrusted by Government Agencies, Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association 2004
  • Director, Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development, National Taipei University 2007
  • Commissioner, Commi ttee for Review of OTC Securities Listings, GreTai Securities Market 2005
  • Professor and Chairman, Department of Accountancy, National Taipei University 2003
  • Professor and Chairman, Department and Graduate Insti tute of Accounting, Chinese Culture University 1995
  • Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, National Chengchi University 1990
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Department Assistant of Accounting, the George Washington Professor University, Washington D.C. , U.S.A. 1989
Membership in Professional Association:
  • George Washington University,Washington D.C., U.S.A. Millennium Distinguished Accountancy Alumni Award 2000
  • American Accounting Association Outstanding International Accounting Dissertation Award 1990
Recent Publications:

Fujiing Shiue

2010 “IFRS Adoption In Taiwan: Current Status and ChallengesĦA " (representing Taiwan for the joint seesion among JAA. KAA and TAA) , 2010 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA.

  Shiue, F. J*ĦA and Y. Y. Yen
2010 “Investment Configuration, Industrial
Clustering and Inverstment Performance: The Moderating Effect of Financial Health," 2010 American Accounting Association, Annual Meeting of the Western Region, Portland, Oregon, April 29-May 1.


Shiue, F. , and and J. Hilmy

2009 “Accounting Theory in the Political Economy of China," Accounting Theory (Sage Publications Ltd; Four-Volume Set edition), edited by Harry 1. Wolk, 4, pp. 385-405.


Yen, Y. Y. , K. C. Chung, and F. Shiue

2009 “The Performance Pattern of Investments in China: Evidence from Electronics Firms," Journal of Investments in China: Evidence from Electronics Firms, Journal of Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences,38: 431-477.


Chen, J. , R, Duh, and F. Shiue

“The Effect of Audit Committee on Earnings-Return Association: Evidence from Foreign Registrants in the United States," Corporate Governance: An Jnternationa1 Revieκ16(1): 32-40. (SSCI)


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2007 “The Effect of Audit Committee on Earnings-Return Association: Evidence from Foreign Registrants in the United States, " The 10th International Conference on Global Business & Economic Development, Kyoto, Japan, August 8-11.


Shiue, F. J. , and Y. Y. Yen

2007 “An empirical examination of the association between manufacturing decisions and performance evaluation: evidence from Taiwanese listed electronic firmsĦA"Ħ@Multinational Enter prises and Emerging Challenges of the 21st Century, Edward Elgar Publishing Heatherley House,UK." 367-387.


ShiueĦA F. J. , Y. Y. Yen, and K. C. Chung

2006 “An Empirical Study between Performance and Inverstments in China: Evidence from Taiwan's Electronics Industry," 2006 Hawaii International Conference on Business, May 25 -28,
Honolulu, Hawaii , U.S.A.

  Hsu, S. WĦA F.J. Shiue, and J.Z. Lee
2006 “A comparison of improvement of earnings quality by U.S. foreign registrants: Common law countries vs. code law countries" Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics Symposium 2006, Hong Kong.

  Hsu, S. WĦA F.J. Shiue, and J.Z. Lee
2006 “A comparison of improvement of earnings quality by U.S. foreign registrants: Common law countries vs. code law countries." American Accounting Association Annual Meeting.

  Liu, J. , L. H. Huang, and F. J. Shiue
2005 “The relationships among R&D characteristics, renewal of financial forecast and insiders' stockholdings changes," 2005 International Conference on Accounting and Information
Technology. Department of Accounting and Information Technology, National


Shiue, F. J. , K. C. Chung, and Y. Y. Yen

  “An Empirical Study on the Association between China Investment Location and Financial and Operatin Performance of Taiwanese Listing Electronics Corporations," the Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, Vol. 7 , No.2, pp. 105-116(ABI).  
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