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President's Message
  Pursuing the Truth and Serving the People

National Taipei University was officially inaugurated in 2000 but it has a proud, evolving history that began with the establishment of the Provincial Junior College of Administration in November 1949. Later, it became Taiwan Provincial College of Business and Law, then Provincial Chung Hsing University, and then National Chung Hsing University, College of Business and Law. Finally, February 1, 2000 marked the genesis of NTPU.

The university has six colleges: the College of Law, the College of Business, the College of Public Affairs, the College of Social Science, the College of Humanities, and the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; 23 master program; 8 doctoral programs; 8 on-the-job masters programs; and 10 continuing education programs; 9 graduate schools; and 16 departments. These entities work congruously with the Center for Educational Program for Secondary School Teachers, the Center for Asia Studies, and the Center of General Education. At present, the universityˇ¦s population, include roughly 500 full- and part-time teacher, 100 staff members, and 10,000 students.

NTPU presently has two campuses: the Taipei Campus and San Shia Campus. The former, which is located in the busy and bustling financial and political center of Taipei City, is accessible to metropolitan inhabitants and boasts of highly functional and well-preserved archaic structures. The latter is in the San Ying area of Taipei County. It welcomes people with a baroque frontage and walls. Its prominent edifices, namely, the Humanities Building, the Business Building, the Administrative Building, the Social Science Building, the Public Affair Building, the Law School Building, and the student dormitories, co-exist with the lush, tree-dotted landscape and the serene heart-shaped lake. Each campus possesses a unique aesthetic appeal but, nonetheless, provides an equal standard for education.

Many of our graduates go on to be highly successful professionals and serve in government agencies, work in the legal and financial fields, or are employed by private companies and non-government organizations. The achievements of our alumni are a tribute to the quality of education provided by our University, and their success has created a domino-effect in increasing public confidence in our institution.

In this dynamic era of knowledge-based economies and information technology (IT), where law, finance, economics, and innovation have become a mainstream and have formed part of the major forces in stabilizing societies and promoting global progress, National Taipei University is zealous in providing outstanding knowledge. It dedicates keen effort to cultivate a professional, ethical and global view, to improve studentsˇ¦ English and foreign language skills, to recruit international students, and to corroborate with world-famous universities for academic exchange. The teaching and research quality are, without doubt, remarkable.

Exemplifying the universityˇ¦s motto of ˇ§Pursuing the truth and serving the people,ˇ¨ National Taipei University will continue to provide exemplary education and to zealously serve the society. And, it would be our privilege to have you as part of our progressive community.


Chung-Weun Hou, Ph.D
National Taipei University

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