Recent Workshops

  1. Development plan for the northern coastal area
  2. Strategic planning for carbon-footprint reduction in Taipei, in response to global climate change
  3. Regeneration plan for the southeastern area of Huanhe North Road and Changji Street, Datong District, Taipei City
  4. Redevelopment plan for Dawulun Industrial Zone, Keelung City
  5. Integrated redevelopment plan for specialities commercial quarters around Wanhua Longshan Temple
  6. Integrated community planning for the area of Dyke No. 2-5, 2-6, Taoyuan City
  7. Integrated planning for the tourist area of Bali
  8. Creative City development plan for Keelung
  9. Integrated strategic planning of the northwest coastal area
  10. Integrated planning for the demolition and adjacent areas of Singsheng Overpass
  11. Master plan of Typhoon Morakot disaster area – recovery plan for Zone 3
  12. Recovery plan for Typhoon Morakot disaster area – Zone 5
  13. Bo! Opening the Bottle Cap to Discover Nangang – strategic planning with local participation
  14. Review of regulating mechanism for non-urban land use, in response to climate change – take the Chimei area in Kaohisung for example
  15. Review of regulating mechanism for non-urban land use in the Kaoping River Basin, in response to the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot
  16. Regional plan for Yilan County
  17. Kaohsiung Port Station urban design
  18. Regional plan for Hsinchu
  19. Regeneration strategy for the Japanese colonial residences in Cidong Street