Master’s Programme

Admission by Application

Entry quota: 12

Prior Qualifications: A good Bachelor’s degree (obtained within the past 4 years), with good conduct and overall academic performance above 50% of the class, or, distinction in a relevant academic field or exceptional achievement, which has been approved by the Graduate Institute of Urban Planning. Required submission of documents: Academic transcripts for all years of attendance (specifying the total number of students of the class and the applicant’s ranking in the class validated by the applicant’s school administration) or any other supporting documents.

Statement: Describe your academic experiences and reasons for applying. Outline your objectives and research proposal. Please restrict the number of words within 2000.

Other supporting documents (for example, publications, work experience and achievement, awards, etc.)

Application assessment: transcripts, statement, any other supporting documents.

Interview: After the assessment of applications, shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview. (The list will be found on our official website; there will be no separate letter of notification.)

Weighting: Application assessment 50%; interview 50%.

※ The entry quota need not be fulfilled. A number of reserves will be considered.

Admission by Exams

Entry Quota: 12 in total
Group A: 6
Group B: 3
Group C: 3

※ Note: Any unfilled places of Admission by Application can be reallocated to Admission by Exams.

Exam subjects: Joint compulsory subject – English
Group A: 1. Introduction to urban and regional planning; 2. Statistics
Group B: 1. Critical debates in urban and regional issues; 2. Calculus
Group C: 1. Introduction to spatial design; 2. Interview

Application deadline: Please refer to the current, up-to-date prospectus.

Exam date: Please refer to the current, up-to-date prospectus.

※ If any of the regulations above differs from the current prospectus, please adhere to the latter.