Master course

Compulsory Courses
Urban and Regional Planning Workshop:1、2 6 Credits
Seminars on Urban Studies 2 Credits
Seminars on Regional Studies 2 Credits
Econometrics 2 Credits
Urban Quantitative Research Methods 2 Credits
Methods for Environmental Spatial Analysis 2 Credits
The Qualitative Research of Urban Space 2 Credits
Core courses
Introduction to Urban Planning and Professional Practice 0 Credits
Planning Theory 2 Credits
Planning Law and Institution 2 Credits
Planning and Development Control 2 Credits
Environmental Planning 3 Credits
Transportation Planning 2 Credits
Land Use Planning 2 Credits
Domain courses
Environmental Planning and Management
Environmental Systems and Policy Evaluation 3 Credits
Urban Ecology 3 Credits
Landscape Ecology 3 Credits
Land Development Planning and Evaluation 3 Credits
Seminar on Sustainable Land Use Planning 2 Credits
Ecological Economics 2 Credits
Fundamentals of GIS for Planners 3 Credits
Seminar on Urbanization and Global Climate Change 2 Credits
Spatial Economics and Transportation
Urban Economics 3 Credits
Urban and Regional Economic Development 3 Credits
Issues on Urban Transportation 3 Credits
Regional Economics 3 Credits
Spatial Econometric Analysis 3 Credits
Issues on Spatial Economics 3 Credits
Land Use and Transportation 3 Credits
Research Methods for Problems- Solving 3 Credits
Project Evaluation 3 Credits
Spatial Governance and Globalization Studies
Local Economy and Urban Development Strategy 3 Credits
Urban Governance 3 Credits
Urban Regeneration 3 Credits
Industrial and Regional Development Study 2 Credits
Thesis Writing and Research on the Political Economies of Urban and Regional Development 2 Credits
Strategy for Urban and Regional Planning 3 Credits
Studies in Rural Planning 3 Credits
Institution and Development Studies 3 Credits
Local Development and National Policy in China 3 Credits
Modernity and Metropolis 3 Credits
Spatial Structure of Taiwan City 3 Credits
Communities and Sustainability 3 Credits
Urban Society and Planning in Cultural Environment 3 Credits
Urban Social Structure 2 Credits
Common Planning courses
Urban Engineering 2 Credits
Lecture Series on Professional Planning 2 Credits
Urban Design 3 Credits