Liao Kuei-Hsien Associate Professor


  • Ph.D. in Built Environment, University of Washington (UW). 2012.
  • Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania. 2003. Graduated with honors.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics, National Taiwan University (NTU). 1996.


Flood resilience; flood adaptation in the urban area; urban stream and river management; urban sustainability; ecological design & planning; ecological wisdom; green infrastructure; coupled human-natural systems; land resumption and displacement; urban housing.


Peer-reviewed Journal Papers

  1. Liao KH, Le AT, Nguyen KV. 2016. Urban design principles for flood resilience: Learning from the ecological wisdom of living with floods in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta. Landscape and Urban Planning 155: 69-78.
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Book Chapter

  1. Liao KH, Deng SN, Tan PY. 2017. Blue-green infrastructure: New frontier for sustainable urban stormwater management. Chapter 10 (p.203-226) in Tan PY, Jim CY, editors. Greening Cities: Forms and Functions. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Conference Papers

  1. Liao KH, Chan J, Tchapi M, Tan PY. 2016. Exploring participatory design for sustainable landscape for public housing neighborhoods in Singapore. Conference Proceedings of the 10th Conference of the Pacific Rim Community Design Network, Hong Kong.
  2. Liao KH. 2014. Towards resilient, floodable cities: Floodability as an alternative flood safety standard to promote river health. DSD International Conference 2014. Hong Kong.
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