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Year Name Degree Thesis Subject
2006 Yeh, Chi-Nan M.A. A Legitimacy Study of Non-Public Use Real Estate Disposition -A view of Cultural Hegemony
2006 Chi, Hsin-Ting M.A. A Study on Mountain Sustainable Tourism from the Viewpoint of Perception
2006 Lin, Tzu-Ya M.A. An Investigation into Equity Issues of Property tax Valuation
2006 Yeh, Kou-Liang M.A. A study of Regulation in Defective Housing Market - Law and Economic Analysis of Punitive Damages
2006 Tseng, Yi-Hui M.A. Inflation Hedging Characteristis of Taiwans Real Estate Markets
2006 Chen, Shih-Wei M.A. Using Operating Efficiency in Asian REITs Performance Mesurement
2006 Chang, Yun-Ching M.A. An Institutional Analysis of Agreed Private Use in Condominium Management System
2006 Ko, Guang-Jiunn M.A. A study on the Investor Behavior in the Auctioned Real Estate Market
2006 Wang, Han-Peng M.A. Analysis of condominium rebuilding property protection - Perspective of Law and Economics
2006 Lin, Shin-Chang M.A. Study on the sitting of Distribution center with Heuristics Algorithm and Spatial Analysis - A case of RT-MART
2006 Shih, Yin-Chi M.A. A study on Spatial Impact of rural Gentrification
2006 Hsieh, Yu-Li M.A. An Application of Real Option on the evaluation for the Wetland Management Strategy
2006 Liang, Haw-Bin M.A. Study on Competitiveness Indicators of Cultural Creative Industry in Taiwan Cities
2006 Chuang, Shu-chun M.A. Analyzing and Application of Land Use Survey