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History of National Taipei University
  After ten years of more detailed and thorough planning, National Taipei University was officially established on February 1, 2000 with the full expectation and blessings of all involved. This newly-established university serves as one of the milestones in the history of higher education in our country.

National Taipei University has become a comprehensive university as it enters the 21st century. In retrospect, the University has undergone different stages of development: from Taiwan Provincial College of Business & Laws, it merged with and became the local Junior College of Administration and the specifically-established Administrative Junior College; it later became Provincial Chung Hsing University (and Supplementary College) and then Natinal Chung Hsing University (and Supplementary College). The University has kept a full record of this history and development in higher education. Numerous alumni, who have taken positions and rendered their contributions, at all levels in our country, are ample proofs of the correct direction required at the different stages of the University's development.
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