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News Feature: Gesture, Communication, and Language Acquisition
ˇEdate publishedˇG 2009-04-17    ˇEcontactˇG Office of the President   ˇEphoneˇG +2 8674 6031  

by: Traci Chen
Editor: MLZ Rosales

Nonverbal communication in daily context relies on sender-recipient cognitive assimilation, although some of these actions are beneath the level of cognitive recall. Many means of nonverbal communication are associated with culture influences and are carriers of semantic and discourse functions.

On April 7 and 8, 2009, the Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics (FLAL) invited Professors Evelyn Zebrowski McClave, the Coordinator of the Linguistics Program of California State University in Northridge, and Gale Ann Stam, Vice President of the International Society for Gesture Studies at National Loius University to conduct a two-day workshop aptly entitled ˇ§Gesture, Communication, and Language Acquisition.ˇ¨ The workshop included four speeches: Gesture: Its Relationship to Language and Thought, Gesture: How Gestures Indicate Language Proficiency, Coding Videotaped Data, and Communicative and Discourse Functions. These talks generally elucidated on spontaneous, everyday human gesticulation.

The welcoming remarks were delivered by National Taipei University Vice President, Shu-An Liang, who added his insight that the syntax of language is a structured arrangement of words. Communication is a process of receiving information, emotion and attitude and language is a vehicle for such process and a tool of knowledge acquisition.

More pictures from the event are on the NTPU PICASA Site


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